Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 were unavailable directly from Apple while the ban was in effect, though they could still be purchased from third-party retailers. Apple Watch SE is not affected by the ban. Photo by Apple. Court Temporarily Lifts Apple Watch Import Ban

By Josh Levin | Published January 1, 2024

Two Apple Watch models are again available in the U.S. after a federal appeals court temporarily stayed an order Dec. 27 barring the company from
Photo by Lennart Preiss,  courtesy of the European Union. What ‘Circular Economy’ Means for Right-to-Repair

By Josh Levin | Published July 28, 2023

According to the regulation, end-users must be able to remove the battery in their devices “with the use of commercially available tools." Removing the battery cannot require heat or chemicals, nor can it require specialized tools unless the manufacturer provides them for free.
Photo by Intel. ASUS To Continue Next Unit of Computing

By Josh Levin | Published July 25, 2023

As Intel stops direct investment in NUC, they will allow ASUS to produce existing 11th, 12th and 13th Gen Intel NUC designs, and develop their own in the future.
The updated Mac Pro features six open PCI-e expansion slots, making it the first Apple Silicon product to support internal expansion. Photo by Apple. Mac Pro Goes ARM

By Josh Levin | Published June 8, 2023

Apple announced an M2-based Mac Pro Monday, marking the product’s first update since 2019. The new model can already be purchased online and will be
Apple's Vision Pro headset is powered by an external battery which allows two hours of use on a single charge. Photo by Apple. Apple Unveils AR Headset

By Josh Levin | Published June 6, 2023

“We do have one more thing,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said at the end of the Worldwide Developers Conference keynote yesterday. The “thing” was Apple’s